My friends, I must admit a certain annoyance at the tone of many of McCain’s operatives.

For example, McCain spokeswoman Nicolle Wallace has apparently criticized “hateful” slurs and innuendos in the liberal blogosphere.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think the notion that McCain “puts America first” is an example of a hateful slur and innuendo. Our proud ex-Senator Conrad Burns said it tonight on Montana Public Radio, as if McCain is somehow better at this than Obama. Burns wouldn’t dare criticize Obama’s patriotism. Burns wouldn’t dare criticize Obama’s elitist education. And, Burns wouldn’t dare criticize Obama’s income last year. But, he could have. Many of McCain’s proxies have done so in the last few weeks. And more, much more.

You could portray the other candidate as a fluffy celebrity like Paris Hilton, you could put grizzled convicts in ballerina tutus and pink tights to show your opponent as soft on crime, you could feature a giant rat (representing the then-governor) plundering the state budget, or you could use an allegory of a boy being picked on in a schoolyard — a swipe at your opponents and the press for picking on your Governor. But, they’ve all been done. By McCain campaign adviser and creative director, Fred Davis.

That’s politics, I guess. Politics at its sleaziest. Not the politics we want, but the politics we get.

However, it is the holier-than-thou tone that McCain and his campaign has started using that annoys me. As if his honor, the anointed King, is somehow better than all that. But, he isn’t. And, I kind of wish he was.


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