Bulldog Politics

Some would call it presumptive. My New York friends would say, chutzpah. I might even go so far as to say, thuggish. Last night, Sarah Palin is quoted as saying, “When I ran for city council, I didn’t need focus groups and voter profiles, because I knew those voters and knew their families, too.

Well, I hope that Palin gets out a bit more. Because America is a whole lot more diverse, more complicated, and more opinionated than her small town of Wasilla. It’s not that small town values aren’t important, but many of the crises that this country faces are a long way from the families she knows in Alaska.

Palin has a reputation for being a bit pig-headed, pushy, and determined to get her way: a take-no-prisoner approach. Those who get in her way have either two choices, my way or the highway. This can be a good character in a king, even a good character in a leader. But, that is not a uniting voice. It is not a voice of compromise.

Combined with her lack of Washington experience, it might suggest that Palin is headed for a bruiser of a fight. Not only doesn’t she know how Congress operates, but she has few friends and contacts in Washington. That might suggest that she would lose. Or, is it that the country will lose as we watch titans headbutt one another, slamming one another into the boards?

Given that Palin has spent much of the last three days holed up with McCain campaign advisors, you then have to wonder from whom she is taking advice. If she doesn’t consider the data on what voters all around the country are talking about (focus groups), if she doesn’t look at the data at what challenges voters are facing (voter profiles), if she isn’t well connected in the halls of power (other Congressmen and women) and if she won’t talk to the media, then who is she listening to? Surely not the same advisors that ran the last two Bush campaigns? Doesn’t that just prove what the Obama campaign has been saying?


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