I’m continually astounded by the people I hear in the news (not the reporters, but the people they’re talking to) who say that they don’t know what kind of change Obama is talking about and that he hasn’t laid out any plans for change. This morning, I read this in a Wall Street Journal article:

Mr. Mitchell, a 28-year-old video technician at an auto plant in nearby Pontiac, would seem a promising target for the Democrats this year. In 2000, he bucked his Republican neighbors and voted for Al Gore for President. And while he backed George W. Bush in 2004, today he is angry about Michigan’s weak economy and nervous about the handling of Iraq. Mr. Mitchell says he wants change.

The good news for Republicans: Sen. McCain offers plenty of change for him.

“What bothers me most with Obama, he has no experience,” says the burly, tattooed, divorced father of one, who says he’s working two jobs now to afford health insurance for his daughter. “I believe in change, too. But what kind of change is Obama talking about?”

I really want to find this guy’s address and send him Obama’s Blueprint for Change, a 66-page booklet outlining what he plans to accomplish and how he plans to accomplish it.

The kind of change Obama is talking about is a fundamental change in the economic, foreign, climate, and energy policies of the country. He laid all of this out in his speech at the Democratic National Convention. He will change our economic policy by cutting taxes for anywhere from 81 – 95% of Americans (different sources say different things). He will provide tax incentives for businesses to keep jobs in the US and to get their raw materials from the US. He will change our foreign policy by making military action our last resort, not our first and by returning to a focus on creating global stability, not spreading democracy to places where it isn’t well-received. He will change our energy policy by investing $150 billion in alternative, domestic, renewable energies to lessen our dependence on foreign oil and to break our addiction to oil in general. He will cut down on our greenhouse gas emission and address global warming by providing incentives and imposing regulations on our country’s biggest polluters.

Personally, I don’t know what kind of change McCain is talking about because he hasn’t laid out one single idea for what it means. Maybe by “change,” he’s referring to how he’s changed his position on over 74 policy issues in the last 18 months. I hear him mention cutting pork barrell spending. But pork spending accounts for less than 1% of our federal budget. He says he will root out corruption. Again, there are no specifics as to how. I applaud him for wanting to root out corruption, but doing so will not change the fact that the current policies and structures of our government are broken. Promising only to cut pork and oust corruption in the midst of these dire economic times is like putting a stint in someone’s heart when what they really need is a heart transplant.

So I’m just really flabbergasted when I find out that some people think McCain is offering something concrete and that Obama isn’t when the fact is the exact opposite. Obama has gone to great lengths to explain his vision for our country and how he plans to achieve that vision. McCain has laid out no vision whatsoever and hasn’t even told us how he will accomplish the small tasks (cutting pork, ousting corruption) that he has identified.


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