Dear John,

I have watched your recent career with interest. I was aghast at the slurs slung at you in the South Carolina primary in 2000. I cheered as you and Russ Feingold kept pushing on campaign finance reform. And, I have always felt you were the strongest candidate in the Republican primary this year.

Your acceptance speech at the RNC was moving, and made me proud to be an American. We are in an exciting and important time in our nation’s history. And, you should be proud that so many Americans watched your speech and are now paying attention to the future course of the country.

But, you owe us all an apology. For an outright lie.

You said on Friday, in a pointed interview on the television program, The View, that Sarah Palin never took earmark spending as Governor. According to the LA Times, “Palin, in fact, requested $198 million in federal earmarks in February, including such expenses as $487,000 to fight obesity in Alaska and $4 million to develop recreational trails.”

Alaska, per capita, requests more earmarks than any other state. Double that of any other state.

But, it’s not a lot of money. Nixing all the earmarks, every single one of them, wouldn’t make much of a dent in the budget deficit. In fact, it would only cut 0.5% of all federal spending ($18.3 billion, out of a total budget of $3.1 trillion)

But, it’s the principle of the matter. You used to portray yourself as an honorable man. An apology would be appropriate. But, a change in your campaign strategy would represent more. Get out of the mud and stop distorting the truth. Regardless of what your opponent does, you once represented the Straight Talk Express. Now, I am beginning to wonder what you stand for. If not truth, then what?


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  1. […] waste, fraud, and abuse“, according to Robert Bixby of the Concord Coalition. As I mentioned previously, cutting earmarks and making government more efficient just doesn’t add up to very much. […]

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