McCain and the Muddler

In the biggest financial crisis in recent history, candidate John was ranting about “corruption” and how he was going to “reform the way that Wall Street does business”.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know exactly what McCain means by the corruption in Washington. In developing nations and banana republics, that usually means a populist message from a ‘Robin Hood’ candidate who is deep into redistribution of wealth. That is, the Washington insiders are getting too fat on the accumulated wealth of the taxpayers and it is time to give back some of the cash. Better yet, we’ll break apart the structures of government and install our own cronies.

While I don’t appreciate the close relationship and revolving door that exists between lobbyists and congressional staff, I don’t believe it has yet devolved to the level of corruption. In this proxy society, besides, those lobbyists represent legitimate interests that congress needs to hear from. Certainly, McCain has had enough of those sorts advising him over the years.

And, then as today’s Wall Street Journal points out, McCain wants us to believe that “the fundamentals of the economy are strong”. Indeed, why don’t I let the editorial writers put it succinctly: “Flip-flopping between assertions that the economy is fundamentally strong and populist promises to rip apart its financial plumbing creates confusion about what exactly Mr. McCain really thinks“.

Candidate McCain talks about acting in “defense of public interests”, and of developing “new rules for fairness and honesty”. McCain suggest that under his reforms, “the American people will be protected by comprehensive regulations that will apply the rules and enforce them to the full”. McCain seems to want a regulator for every type of financial institution and every type of transaction.

Doesn’t this suggest that McCain believes the capitalist enterprise system, the same system that has generated so much wealth in this country, is not to be trusted? Doesn’t it suggest that McCain thinks Wall Street is fundamentally greedy, dishonest, and immoral?

If Washington is corrupt, and capitalism is broken, then who or what is running the country? And, where was McCain for the last 21 years, when we so needed to be awakened to this awful revelation?

Candidate McCain has me confused, and I believe that his message has become all muddled. He’s off base. He’s in no-mans land. And I think he is running out of people to save him.


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