McCain Running for Cover

Once again, John McCain is trying to hide from the issues in this election. By now, this should hardly be surprising. His first major piece of distraction came when he chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate. She conveniently took over the news so that John McCain (and his policies that are too similar to Bush’s failed policies to be acceptable in the public eye) could hide from the issues.

Next, McCain canceled the first day of the Republican National Convention under the auspices of Hurricane Gustav. Of course, it also worked out well for him politically because he was able to avoid being on stage with George W. and was even able to keep Bush away from the convention. It also cut the amount of time Americans had to listen to the psycho-nonsense babble of the Republican Pary (“Drill baby drill” and numerous references to the “angry left” and “liberal Washington” – which is odd since the Republicans have been in control of both the White House and both houses of Congress for most of the past eight years).

And now, McCain is hiding behind the economic crisis to avoid talking about his foreign policy and national security views in a debate this Friday. Does he really think that everything will be solved if he just returns to Washington ASAP? Talk about a big head! If McCain goes back to Washington, he will simply bring presidential politics with him, and that will do more harm than good at this point.

This is a time when Americans are looking for leadership. We’re clearly not getting it from the White House (we really haven’t at all in the past 8 years), and so we’re looking to the presidential candidates. We need to know whether the candidates can handle more than one issue at a time and can be conversant on more than one issue at a time. A debate on foreign policy in the midst of an economic crisis shows us just that. Running to Washington to jump on board something that other politicians have been working on for a week is not leadership. It’s hiding from the issues and jumping on a bandwagon.

If McCain succeeds in cancelling the debate, he will have forfeited victory in the debate to Obama.


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  1. Funny, but I could swear McCain’s entourage has become the “No Talk Express”! And, I’m still waiting for his nominee (what was her name, again?) to hold a press conference, or a town hall meeting, or entertain questions from the public.

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