McCain Ruins the Day

Why does McCain have to imbue this financial crisis and the proposed $700 billion bailout with partisan politics? Before he arrived in Washington, Congress was close to a bipartisan agreement. Now, all of a sudden, a small group of Republicans are saying they’re wholeheartedly opposed.

I’m not saying I think that giving the Treasury $700 billion is the right thing to do. I think there is a very serious, rational question that we should all be asking (and asking our Congressmen and women to ask): Should the government be getting this involved in our supposedly free market?

But the problem is that now that McCain has decided to jump in the middle of it, all rationality is out the window. From now on, everything that is or isn’t said or done with regard to the bailout will be seen as a partisan action. For the first time in a very long time, we were seeing Democrats and Republicans come together to work toward the best possible solution in this dire situation. And now that McCain has put his finger in it, we see it turning into Democrats (wanting to get some form of the legislation passed) versus Republicans (wholly opposed to the legislation).

The idea that McCain is “postpartisan” and that he’s trying to forge bipartisan relationships and successes is entirely false and is just another smokescreen meant to hide the true McCain.


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