Et tu, Brute?

Were you accused, by the Montana Republicans, of breaking the law? Are you having to prove your innocence? Should you have to prove you have the right to vote?

The state Republican Party this week challenged the eligibility of 6,000 registered Montana voters in seven counties historically considered Democratic strongholds.

“The integrity of the voting process is something that has to be above reproach to have faith in the system,” state GOP executive director Jacob Eaton said. “We aren’t trying to prevent anyone from voting. We want people to register properly.”

Note that there is no evidence of fraud. Note that the selection of counties was clearly made on a political basis. And, note that Eaton didn’t say he wanted every vote to be counted.

If you donated to the Montana Republicans, then you might want to ask for your money back. Their actions are simply intimidation. Their only aim is to stop people from from exercising their right to vote. This is undemocratic and it’s patently un-American. Politics can be dirty, but this is thuggish.


One Response

  1. it is also very stupid. rumors are circulating that 60 minutes is on this. i guess challenging the vote of a national guardsman and a local reporter were not good moves after all eh mr eaton??? not to mention that this here’s montana and we don’t stand for this kind of tactic here, mr iverson. so when you are stumbling in front of the CBS cameras for a good answer try and remember this; people better than you died for the right to vote in this country- we don’t forget those things here in montana.

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