He’s the serious Major General.

So it looks like General Colin Powell will endorse Obama this weekend, on NBC‘s Meet the Press.

Good thing, too, since Sarah Palin goes on Saturday Night Live tonight, also on NBC.

Remember John McCain announcing his run for the presidency on CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman?

Gee, and here I was getting my news from the Jon Stewart Show all these days. I must really be missing out in by-passing broadcasting outlets and going straight to my narrow-cast interests on partisan TV and radio. Maybe, this is the mainstream media that McCain-Palin keeps ranting about? Maybe it’s just their way of saying they don’t watch the same things I do?

Nevertheless, Powell will give Obama a nice shot in the arm in the Ready-To-Be-President race. It might also be an interesting turnaround for Powell, since his testimony was a leading factor for our invasion of Iraq. Is Powell angling to return to a new administration, perhaps this time as Secretary of Defense? That would be a serious step towards a rehabilitated political career – National Security Adviser (1987 to 1989), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989 – 1993), Secretary of State (2001 – 2005). His would be an interesting appointment, given his ties to former Senators Lincoln Chafee and Chuck Hagel (both of whom are friendly and supportive of Obama and Biden).


One Response

  1. of course colin’s testimony on iraq was based on rumsfield’s lies which created a permanent rift between the two resulting in colin quitting. my guess is colin, being the old soldier he is, will want to right this wrong.

    rumsfield had better flee to switzerland if colin becomes secretary of defence.

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