Family First!

Bravo Sarah Palin for taking your family along with you on Alaskan state business. This is a wonderful way of spending time with her large family, as she pursues her political career.

But, charging the commercial flights to the State of Alaska? That’s an interesting judgment call. Are your children a necessary expense for anyone conducting official state business, or is there something special about Sarah’s kids? Because, that’s what the governor’s spokesperson is claiming – that the kids were representing the State of Alaska!

Really? Are they State employees? Aren’t they too young for child slavery employment? Were they hired in the usual manner for State employees, or was theirs a special case? Is their Mom their supervisor? Does she evaluate their performance? Or, is this all just a case of nepotism?

Now, I can understand why both Sarah and her kids want to be together. It must be hard with the Governor working in Juneau and the kids growing up in Anchorage. I’m not sure why Governor Palin didn’t move to Juneau, but it’s probably just Alaska politics. I just don’t think it’s fair for the State to pick up the tab for her choice to live apart from her children.

All in all, though, maybe it is OK to put family first. And, maybe it is OK to bring the kids along whenever Sarah travels to New York or somewhere exciting like that. What gets in my claw, however, is going back and amending those previously filed expense reports once she had been chosen as McCain’s VP pick. Not that – that look as though she is trying to cover her tracks. Whatever else it is, it sure doesn’t look like she is putting Country First!


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