Barack Obama and Hand-outs

Recently I’ve received several emails from my backwards thinking compadres claiming that all Democrats (and especially Obama) want to play Robin Hood, stealing from the rich while giving to the poor, who are always characterized as lazy. This prompts several thoughts.

First, do these people really believe that every single person who is struggling to make ends meet is in that position because he/she is lazy??? Really???? If so, I can only conclude that these people are divorced from reality.

Second, I do not see how Obama’s tax policy equates to giving handouts. He is proposing tax cuts to 95% of working Americans, as opposed to McCain’s plan, that proposes giving the largest tax cuts to the top 2% of earners. (Obama’s plan gives 95% of Americans 3 times more tax relief than McCain does.) How is this a handout? It simply provides more opportunity for the majority of Americans to get ahead.

Let’s think about this. Two-thirds of US GDP is consumer spending. So, in order to spur economic growth, doesn’t it make more sense to spread the money around to more working Americans who will spend it rather than concentrating it in the hands of a very few people who will simply invest it to keep making money of the money they already have. (Please note that this doesn’t involve real “work.” It involves shuffling money aorund, which is all the people in the top 2% of earners do. They’re not investing in business or sending it down to their employees at the low end of the totem pole. They just invest it and live off their dividends.)

Barack Obama is the candidate for economic growth.


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  1. i used to worry about what the extreme right thought until the polls started to show me that what they think is irrelevant now to the great middle mass of voters. it frees me to think about the possibilities of change instead of trying to understand their insane twisted thinking. i am pretty sure that if you listen to them too much it can kill brain cells. i just tell them that they are irrelevant and they limp off to bother someone else with their memorized and spoon fed prattle.

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