What’s ginormous to you may be gaudy to me

January Concert
Have you seen the poster? It’s everywhere, everywhen!   (Partly because they have postered over every other goshdarn poster in town, but still) … IT SHOUTS AT YOU! LOOK AT ME! I’M EXCITING! I’M COLORFUL! YOU NEED ME TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER!

You’d think by the color scheme and the energetic graphic design that they are selling something like cheese (New! Improved!), the latest superhero film (Biff! Pow!), or a chance to win a trip to somewhere sunny and warm (The Happiest Place on Earth, perhaps?)

But, no it is the most recent marketing for the Missoula Symphony. That’s right … MUSIC GETS GINORMOUS! MASSIVE MELODIES! COLLASAL CHORDS! THE BIGGEST EVER!

I enjoy a bit of classical music. I do. I applaud their attempts to attract a younger crowd. For sure. And I do find the music of Strauss, Beethoven, Debussy, Smetana, Bach, and Rossini to be dramatic. But, where’s the dignity? Where is the respect due to the composers, the performers, and all the good people who have supported the Symphony through thick and thin?

The drive for bigger audiences, more attention, and greater financial success all signals a step or three down the road to commercialization. Next will be Darko Butorac bobbleheads and maybe 3D glasses. Then you will have giveaways to Dollyworld and free fish to the first 20 families. It can’t be long before the orchestra has corporate logos (Blackfoot Communications and Washington Corp are sponsoring this concert) embroided on their tuxedos or projected onto the tympani drum!

And did you know that tickets for this one-hour funfest on Friday, January 30th, 7pm in the University Theatre are only $6 for all ages? No, you’d have missed that. But, don’t miss the performance – it sells out most years!


2 Responses

  1. Dude, I think the poster is cool. It’s like Obama-art: street art meets traditional institutions.

  2. It is alarming indeed when the Missoula Symphony resorts to using the CD cover art from Thomas Dolby’s Greatest Hits.

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