Reasons to be Cheerful (part 1)


There’s lots of reasons to be cheerful. Maybe more nuclear energy will be one. Beginning this series of posts, I can’t help but ponder a number of questions.

Let’s start with nuclear waste. We already have spent fuel rods in storage at 121 operating and decommissioned reactors spread across 39 states of the union. Before we build anymore, I think it would be smart to figure out where all that nuclear waste is going.

But, of course, all that radioactive waste is safe, right? Like the unreported radioactive waste water spill near Godley, Ill. in 2006? Or the Braidwood nuclear plant, also in Illinois, that had been releasing wastewater containing traces of radioactive tritium into groundwater surrounding the plant since 1996? Or the radioactive barium, iodine, cesium, and cobalt that continue to leak from this country’s first nuclear reactor, Fermi? Did I mention it was also in Illinois?

Are we going to put the nuclear power plant in your backyard? Do you feel safe enough to live downstream of one? If not, then will you be happy having nuclear waste being trucked through your community? I can see it now, driving down the Main Street or trundling along the railway tracks … 55,000 metric tones of highly radioactive waste. Of course, those trucks won’t get in accidents and break open, will they?

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