Republicans dissing public servants

As opined in the Wall Street Journal, all federal worker are apparently out to scam the system! Thomas Frank finds the conservative movement believing that:

The government and its bureaucrats are ever a malign force — jealous, power-hungry and greedy.

Pinch me if I didn’t think he was describing the CEO’s and financial wizards working for the too-big-to-fail banks and other giant multinational corporations!

Sad, though, that it is the Republicans who have for so long starved the bureaucracy of any shred of dignity or respect when it is those very professional upon whom we are now rely to clean up the mess left by the captains of industry! It would seem now would be a good time to cheer them on rather than hoping-and-wishing for their failure.

It should be an honor to work on behalf of the people, to serve a greater good. So many government workers, including many who have previously worked in private industry, take a pay cut when they sign on for federal or state duty. Just like our military servicemen and women, they make a sacrifice in order to protect part of what makes our country great.

Why, then, aren’t we trying to attract our best and brightest into federal, state, and local service? We could be paying top rates, attractive bonuses, and reasonable benefits. Certainly the professional challenges are there, as is the high degree of responsibility and accountability. Anyone who survives the great level of scrutiny and judgment deserves any success they achieve. They also deserve not only our thanks, but the resources and support with which to succeed.

Instead, Republicans seem stuck on the “all government is bad” mantra, thus doing all they can to ensure it fails. As Frank concludes, it is almost as though they only exist to take the blame. How much more of a professional insult could they throw about? Surely, the Grand Old Party has more dignity than that.

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