Hush, money

Scot Meader, manager of Missoula County’s fair and fairgrounds resigned today. Hopefully, this will stem the tide of complaints being leveled against him: alleged drunken groping, unethical and deceptive behavior, and a lack of being honest, ethical and forthright.

But, while Meader is going to cease representing the fair he will continue to receive his salary for the next year. $71,776 seems like a lot of money in Missoula, moreso when you’re being paid not to continue doing bad things.

Seems like in bad economic times that the County Commissioners should stand up to the weasel. Commissioner Bill Carey said he doesn’t “know for sure how we got to this point”. Well here’s a clue – you didn’t nip this thing in the bud when the original sexual harassment claim was filed. Now, you’re making us all pay for your efforts at trying to sweep this under the rug.

Sorry, but I think Meader should pay the County if he wants us to keep quiet about his unprofessional behavior. If he wants a job anywhere near Missoula then wouldn’t it be in his best interests to not be dragged through the arena of public scrutiny?

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  1. We need a county commission candidate. They are all unbelievable ineffectual. And proud of it.

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