Hit me with your best shot!

Today’s Missoulian bags on the Mayor’s budget. Of course, he’s an easy target and I’m sure he can take it.

But, out of a $42.7 million budget, the Missoulian editorial team could only find two small things to trim – $20,000 for a lobbyist in Helena, and a request that City Council members agree to cut their own stipends.

That’s it? Our investigative proudest couldn’t find any other fat to cut? Did they look, or did they just read the press release? Somehow I expected more from the paper of record.

Rather than commenting sagely on the Mayor’s budget, today’s editorial is much more disturbing. It indicates an automatic, unconsidered swipe at the Mayor and his allies on Council. It wouldn’t matter how wise the proposed budget, or how much he cut from it we now know the Missoulian would still criticize it. The Mayor’s administration will never be good enough for the all-seeing, all-knowing editorial board, because there will always be more that could be cut. Government, in their eyes, is always bad and less is always better. I guess now we know the political leanings of our local paper!

Personally, I think we get very good representation from our City Council members and I think they are grossly underpaid for all the hours they dedicate. Like Engen, they are true believers in Missoula and are proud to work on our behalf. Pity that the Missoulian couldn’t applaud their leadership and their financial sacrifice.

Instead, they take a cheap shot. Is that the best you’ve got? C’mon, hit me with something substantial next time, not a partisan hack.