Boy Howdy-Doody

While the rest of the country seemed dumbstruck in the verbal presence of our Gov’, Brian Schweitzer, I know I’m not the only Montanan who just rolled his eyes when they saw him hooping and hollering at the Democratic Convention.   We’ve seen this hayseed put on his bolo tie before, and we’re not impressed by his fourth grade grammar.

Sadly, the rest of the country now views us as a little bit slow, a little bit tawdry, and a whole lot of hick. That’s not the Montana image I rally around. We may be pragmatic, down-to-earth, and all know a little bit more about where our food comes from. But, we’re not, and Schweitzer’s not, dumb.  He’s got a Masters degree (from that other university in Montana), lots of street smart, and just a bit of worldy experience (time in the middle east, trade arrangements and the like). Many of us are well educated, both in the school of hard knocks and in the hallowed halls of academia.  We may not be folk of many words, but that’s just ‘cos we’re listening and cogitating.

I’ve got to say I preferred the populist Schweitzer better. The man of the street who visited every county in the state, most of them more than once. The man who held listening sessions in every town, small and large. Today, by contrast, we get robo-calls of his voice powered by some out-of-state telemarketer.

Now, I just feel had. I don’t know what he stands for any longer, other than a grandstanding glamor pony. He seems more interested in the national stage than the local one where he did so well.  And I just don’t see the appeal being a longplayer once the novelty wears off.  And it will.