Here we go …

The NAACP filed the first voter fraud lawsuit today. They claim that in Virginia “the failure to provide more voting machines, particularly in majority black precincts, violates the state and U.S. constitutions and the Voting Rights Act of 1965“.

With voter turnout expected to be huge, there’s going to need to be more counting machines, more ballots, more polling places, more precinct judges and probably later hours.

So, what exactly do you do when the machines break down, when the polling place runs out of ballots, when lines extend far out the door, when precinct judges can’t keep track of the voting, and when you get shut out of the voting place? I hope the states have answers to these questions. Because otherwise there are going to be some very angry citizens.

Not everyone gets the day off so that they can wait all day to vote, nor afford the childcare to wait long into the night. Voting shouldn’t be a function of income, or the willingness of your boss to let you take time off.

For all the money we’ve spent on this important decision, we should expect better. (The Center for Responsive Politics suggests this election will cost $5.3 billion dollars.) All the world is watching, to see how the great democratic tradition plays out next week. Somehow, I think the message they will be seeing is “Better get a lawyer, quick: